Welcome to the off season of chasing.

Boooooo. Now I have to find something constructive to do. 🙁

Ironically the monsoon season is going on back in Arizona, so they’ll see some interesting weather days up until the end of September.

I’ve been busy lately. I had to drop everything and drive back to Phoenix last week due to a death in the family. Simultaneously, Heather and I are finalizing a rental house in Castle Rock and we’re preparing to move. I’ve barely had time to look at a forecast, let alone go out anywhere. I’m still trying to keep an eye out for a good chase day and hopefully I can sneak one or two more trips in before winter.

The end result of this is that there may be fewer blog updates until the next chase season. I’m a little bummed out by this because I’ve discovered that I’ve really enjoyed writing these. Rather than just stopping the blog until next year, I may occasionally pick a topic and write about it;  mainly stuff that’s interests me.  I’ll try to stay away from a few topics though. For example I have a lot to say about Information Technology, but you’ll find that I can’t shut up once I start and I generally have nothing positive to say.

Instead, I’ll write about non-inflammatory topics like Donald Trump, religion, and gun laws. Should be safe. 1

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