This evening: Storm chasing by bicycle.

OK, not really.

Heather and I were taking a ride on our new bicycles 1 this evening. We live pretty close to Cherry Creek State Park (which is huge and amazing) so we were pretty excited to get out and start exploring further than our evening walks have allowed us to.

Well my mind is excited. My body is less enthused. I’m not used to a bicycle. My wrists and butt are definitely not used to a bicycle. I’m oversharing, aren’t I.

We were pretty under-prepared for this ride, as per my usual operating procedure when leaping into a new hobby. We had helmets 2 but we didn’t have insect repellent or any sort of eye protection.

While riding, Heather ate a bug. I laughed and then one flew into my eye.

I guess it wasn’t that funny.

We saw three different groups of deer, some of them bucks. I have no pictures of any of this because I didn’t buy a bike mount or exercise arm strap to carry my smartphone. I wasn’t going to risk the new camera on our first ride either. I guess it’s true that you never forget how to ride a bike, but it’s been a long time. Personal balance and I were once close friends but we’ve apparently drifted apart.

Heather did buy a armband so she had her smartphone with her. On the way back we stopped frequently to admire the beautiful sunset and accompanying storm receding in the distance. She got some pictures, but it took awhile each time for her to dig the phone out of her armband, take the picture(s), and put it back together.

We enjoyed it. The mosquitoes enjoyed it. Everyone was happy.

After the third or fourth stop, I realized that the storm was headed our way. We were both tired from the ride, but I thought we might have an opportunity here.

We beat it home and ran the bikes back up to the apartment, grabbed our cameras, and jumped into the car. We opted to drive back to the park’s “dog off-leash” area 3 and quickly set up. After a lot attempts, Heather and I both took this same picture.

Bolts from the sky

Ok, I admit I cheated a little. My version of this photo stacks three different lightning shots. But that center bolt was one photo by itself, and it’s the best lightning shot I’ve ever taken. We got about fifteen minutes of lightning photography in before we had to run for the car to escape the rain.

I like the new camera. 🙂

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